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Organizational Audits … for any organization that wants to identify and build upon its strengths or define and correct its weaknesses

Organization Start-up Guidance … for individuals interested in establishing new non-profit entities, with services including board development, creation of mission, organizational modeling, financial projections, program design, and leadership searches

Governance Mentoring ... for boards of directors/trustees and for nonprofit executive/board partnership development

Advising and Coaching ... for individuals and for senior leadership and management teams

Strategic Thinking Sessions … for boards, firms, and management teams who want to think in new ways about long-term planning, specific issues or opportunities confronting them presently, or how to re-inspire their organizations with a renewed sense of mission

Development of Strategic Posture… for organizations interested in conceptualizing future possibilities within the context of a changing world

Performance Evaluation and Feedback … for executive directors, trustees, directors and others in positions of accountable leadership who are expected to work with large, diverse constituencies

Succession Planning ... for leadership teams including trustees, directors, CEOs, executive directors and school heads

Affordability Analysis ... for nonprofit, tuition-based, or fee-based organizations seeking to achieve long-term financial equilibrium

Culture Investigation … for individuals and groups interested in the nature, meaning, and value of organizational and governance culture—whether the purpose is to understand it or to change it

Leadership Searches … for heads, CEOs and executives of nonprofit organizations

Dr. Macaluso has worked with individuals and groups over a sustained period of time to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of leadership and to guide individuals and groups toward a better understanding of organizational dynamics. Working in one-on-one coaching sessions, attending board or senior management meetings as an observer and analyst, or serving as an active, instructing facilitator, Dr. Macaluso's practice is designed to establish a productive relationship with each client, limiting the number of clients being advised at any one time to guarantee appropriate focus and attention. As a seasoned leader and as lifelong student of philosophy, Dr. Macaluso's aim is to work with individuals who wish to learn to lead—from any position in the organization.

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