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Learning to lead happens while you are leading!

Clients are best served if they can enhance their skills while they are using them. Boards benefit more from participating in effective board meetings than from extended retreats or other special gatherings. Leaders gain credibility when they demonstrate new understanding and skill in daily practice rather than by attending workshops and conferences.

Who benefits from New Thinker?

Leaders and Decision Makers The greatest threat to organizational stability is inadequate leadership. It's not about the difficulties of technology, the changing economy, the challenge of competition, or the constantly evolving legislative landscape. It's about leadership—and sustainable, effective leadership requires NewThinking. Leaders must learn to lead.

Board Chairs and Trustees NewThinking focuses on the roles of leaders and on the relationship between leadership and governance. This approach yields practical guidance on how to support leadership initiatives, how to think beyond the immediate consequences of strategic decisions, and how to transcend the barriers that threaten institutional, organizational and individual growth, development, and progress in the process of serving the mission.

Presidents and Executive Directors NewThinking is a comprehensive program of interactive learning for individuals and groups who have responsibility for leadership and who wish to provide effective, creative, and sustainable service to their constituencies.

Agassi Preparatory Academy Executive Search
Alexander Dawson School
Colorado – Development of Strategic Posture , Executive Search
Alexander Dawson School Nevada – Development of Strategic Posture , Executive Search
Association of Colorado Independent Schools Speaker and Presenter
The Buckley School Development of Strategic Posture and Executive Search
Annie Wright School Head Contract Negotiation
Cascades Academy Feasibility Study
Cate School
Board retreat
Charles Wright Academy Head Assessment
Organizational Audit and Executive Search
The Colorado Springs School Development of Strategic Posture and Board Retreat
Crane Country Day School Development of Strategic Posture and Board Retreat
Eastside Catholic School Business Plan, Middle School Start-Up Design
Eastside Preparatory School Start-up
Epiphany School
Executive Search
Evergreen Country Day School
: Governance and Executive Search
The Evergreen School Organizational Audit and Development of Strategic Posture
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart Development of Strategic Posture
The Fulcrum Foundation Board retreat
Lake Tahoe School Development of Strategic Posture and Board Retreat
Marts & Lundy Organizational Audit and Retreat
Nishimachi School Organizational Audit, Executive Search, Board Retreats
Northwest Development Officers Association Engaging the Executive Director and the Board in the Capital Campaign
Overlake School Head Contract Negotiation
Pike Place Market Organizational Audit; Governance Mentoring
Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences Board Retreat
Seattle Country Day School Executive Search; Leadership Transition
Soundview School organizational Audit
St. George's School Board Retreat
St. Thomas School Executive Search, Strategic Design
The Haas Foundation Board Development
University of Washington Governance Mentoring Values Based Leadership Seminar
Westridge School Board Retreat
Windrush School Executive Compensation negotiation

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